Artemisia, muse of Montmartre

The Hotel Artemisia was born at the foot of the Butte Montmartre, the artistic epicenter and high point of Parisian nightlife. A mythical place that never ceases to reinvent itself, and of which the Artemisia has become one of the contemporary muses.

In its vicinity, you'll have the opportunity to stroll the streets of an authentic and legendary Paris, and choose your route according to your desires, however diverse they may be.
You'll come across the flamboyance of the Moulin Rouge, the delicacy of the Musée de la vie Romantique, the picturesque charm of the streets leading to Place du Tertre and the bustle of Pigalle's cocktail bars.

An immersion in the district of a thousand faces, which will never cease to surprise you...


Mysterious or touristy, nocturnal or early morning, 9th or 18th arrondissement... Don't choose, because Pigalle is all of the above.

An emblematic district in the north of Paris, where the arts and partying have always been at the forefront, it's always been known for bringing out a dose of scandal in the midst of monumental churches.
Just ask the great figures who have lived there, from Toulouse Lautrec to Michou: they've all made it their passion.

Today, it's between NoPi (North Pigalle) and SoPi (South Pigalle) that the games are played, the drinks enjoyed and the trends tasted, from noon to midnight.

Moulin rouge

A mythical cabaret, an iconic film and a promise of the fantastic: this is what the Moulin Rouge still inspires in the public, over a hundred years after its birth.

Beneath its scarlet wings that light up the Place Blanche, you'll follow the same path as those who made its legend (Aristide Bruant, La Goulue, Toulouse Lautrec...) to discover what draws crowds from all over the world.
A flamboyant revue that pays tribute like no other to French exceptionalism with its legendary "French Can-Can", where dancers twirl their petticoats in an atmosphere of feathers, rhinestones and song.


A veritable village, this Parisian landscape was home to many legends of the 20th century, including Picasso and Aznavour, who sang of its "Bohème" as much as he sang of its wild nights.
Abbesses, Tertre, Pigalle: neighborhoods with colorful names follow one another, all offering their own spectacles.
All different, but all sacred, like its Basilica, which still contemplates the very special life that unfolds at its feet. Let yourself be guided by its village spirit, whose images will leave you with unforgettable memories.

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